china flat die wood pellet press factory

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china flat die wood pellet press factory

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pellet mill for making wood pellet
You can use this pellet mill for making wood pellet by using waste things as grass, sawdust and other organic materials. This style of living is eco-friendly. The energy made by pellets mill is renewable and has been accepted by lots of people.
steps to make pellets:
firstly, you need to prepare the raw materials. Pls be sure the material's length is no more than 2.5cm. Too large particle will block the machine. another thing you should pay attention to is the moisture content of the materials, which will affetcs pelletizing process.
Then you can use our pellete mill to make pellets by yourself. at the beginning, you need to slow down to feeding the raw material as the machine just start. After few minutes heat preparation, it will work normally and you can improve your feeding speed. During the production, Be sure your operation is correct according to our instructions to ensure the product efficiency.
ModelPowerFeed capacity (kg/h)N.W/G.WPacking size (cm)
KL400C30kw900-1100630/660KGS145*62*115china flat die wood pellet press factory
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