Shade Fabric

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Shade Fabric

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HDPE UV Protection Greenhouse Outside Sun Shade Net
Type1: Flat knitting ItemShade RateMaterialWidthWeight (g/m2)Warranty
43101-5555%HDPE4m704 years
43101-6565%HDPE4m804 years
43101-7575%HDPE4m904 years
43101-8585%HDPE4m1004 years
Type2: Cross Knitting ItemShade RateMaterialWidthWeight (g/m2)Warranty
Longyoung Greenhouse Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2009 as the professional greenhouse manufacturer and contractor in China. And engaged in greenhouse design, engineering, production, erection and service.
Longyoung professional team is dedicated to continuously updating the design and technology of our greenhouse, based on the research of world trend, advanced technology in the world and customers feedbacks.
Our company has supplied different kinds of greenhouses to more than 40 countries around the world.
If you have any inquiry, pls feel free to contact us.Shade Fabric
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